So what do you get the tech geek who has everything? The straightforward reply to that is the newest and best of what is out this year. Suppose you are a pro, you will pre-order a whole lot of what is likely to be published later in the year so that you may have a jump-start on the 2020 shopping season. Yes, we are almost at the point.

In regards to tech presents, there are as many choices out there because there are preferences. Empowered, sleeker, smaller, and with longer battery life than previously. Plus, we see almost all our selections as voice-activated, which could keep things secure and, well, more straightforward to use.

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

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His is the mug everybody is obsessed with this season! Keep your coffee (tea or hot chocolate) hot, and you can control it through the program right from your smartphone and never have to think about luke-warm beverages again.

The Apple Watch Series 5 

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It is finally an Apple Watch they will need to wear. This is the latest and greatest from Apple and, dare we say; it seems more stylish than the previous versions? The face is a little larger; the band choices are much better and, yes, it is waterproof. Additionally, the speaker is genuinely 50% louder than ever before. It can also be used as a heart/health track, a workout partner, activity and physical fitness tracker, and you can get your text messages, take and make calls, and much more.