2 gadgets for 2020 gift season


Verifying the work done by your SEO agency


Should Your Business Website Have a Blog?


So what do you get the tech geek who has everything? The straightforward reply to that is the newest and best of what is out this year. Suppose you are a pro, you will pre-order a whole lot of what is likely to be published later in the year so that you may have a jump-start on the 2020 shopping season. Yes, we are almost at the point.

In regards to tech presents, there are as many choices out there because there are preferences. Empowered, sleeker, smaller, and with longer battery life than previously. Plus, we see almost all our selections as voice-activated, which could keep things secure and, well, more straightforward to use.

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

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His is the mug everybody is obsessed with this season! Keep your coffee (tea or hot chocolate) hot, and you can control it through the program right from your smartphone and never have to think about luke-warm beverages again.

The Apple Watch Series 5 

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It is finally an Apple Watch they will need to wear. This is the latest and greatest from Apple and, dare we say; it seems more stylish than the previous versions? The face is a little larger; the band choices are much better and, yes, it is waterproof. Additionally, the speaker is genuinely 50% louder than ever before. It can also be used as a heart/health track, a workout partner, activity and physical fitness tracker, and you can get your text messages, take and make calls, and much more.

So you have hired an seo company, but how do you know if they are the right people for the job? Is this the company that you should trust to get your ranking to rise higher?

When you hire an SEO agency, it is important that you find out what they are doing and often. It is most important within the first few months of hiring them. The earliest that you can find out what they are doing to help you the better chance you will have of knowing if they are doing more harm than good.

Here are the warning signs that show your SEO agency is not doing their job correctly:

Nothing to show you

The SEO agency that you choose should have something to present to you. This doesn’t mean showing the result of your ranking, but they need to show you what SEO practices they are conducting. Up to four months into the contract, it may just be a little too early for them to show you significant results, so give it time for you to see results. Your SEO agency should be showing you what they are doing with the money that you are paying them.

These are what they should be able to provide to you within the first few months:

  • Optimised content of your site
  • Analysis of your sites link profile
  • SEO audit of your website
  • Articles with their links to the sites that are being published or have already been published.

Your SEO agency is not asking for anything

Your SEO agency that is doing what they are supposed to be doing will be needing things from you every so often. You are the owner of the site, so be wary if they are not asking you for the following:

  • A list of target keywords
  • Past penalties/work/audits
  • Access to the social accounts
  • Access to the Google webmaster
  • Access to Google analytics
  • Editor access to CMS

If you are not getting asked for anything, then they may be adding linkbacks from spam sites. These are harmful actions that don’t need access.

No offerings for improvements

If you have an SEO agency that is not telling you how to do certain things, or where improvements can be made, then it is a sign that something is not right.  In order for your site to be successful, your SEO agency needs to work with you. The team will make recommendations so look out for this.

An SEO agency cannot share their techniques

Ask your SEO agency what they are doing. If you get any of these answers then your hitting red flags:

  • Our efforts remain confidential
  • We are not permitted to disclose our techniques
  • Basically, we optimise your site for search engines and perform expert seo
  • We do heaps, but it would take too long to explain
  • We will get back to you

If you are getting answers like these or they seem to be avoiding the situation by not answering calls or returning your messages then move on. A decent SEO agency do practices that are proven to get results and are more than happy to share them with you. There are plenty of agencies out there don’t be afraid to find another if you believe the current SEO agency is not the right fit for you.

Blogging used to be associated with fashion writers and young hobby creators, but blogging is more than that now! These days, most digital marketing agencies would say that it is essential to maintain an online blog, to stand out from the crowd and gain new customers. There are so many benefits a blog can have on your business, there is no doubt with the role blogging plays in the digital marketing world, you need to get on board.

Use blogging to compete on a national scale

There are so many businesses out there that are providing similar products and services to you. While there are no businesses that are identical to yours, it is still essential to emphasize what makes your company unique. Blogging will help to show off your skills, relevant information, experience and personality – which will help distinguish you from the others. If you want to be noticed by your audience, then you need a blog.

Blogging statistically shows it can help businesses

Blogging will help your business by increasing brand awareness and showing off your expertise, but you still need evidence in order for people to be convinced of your talents. Below I’ve listed the key ways in which blogging can help your business.

  • Blogging tells potential customers about your service or product
  • Blogging can promote the company more effectively than advertising
  • The businesses that are blogging are generating more leads than the businesses who aren’t
  • Your custom content is able to warm the customers up to the business

Blogging allows for a channel of communication between customer and owner

A business website can help potential and current customers by providing them with information they need. Business blogs can create opportunities for new interaction with your audience. This will help your business to build relationships with customers and keep up your communication with them. A business blog can present different types of content. It allows your business to get their message across in a more casual way (that is aimed at being more personal). Having a blog also allows you to have conversations with the readers in the comment area. You can exchange ideas and ask for their point of view, so your readers feel they are getting heard.

Your blog will give you insight into your audiences

The more info you can gather about the target audience the better you can please them and offer things that are appealing to them. Using blog analytics will help you get feedback on your blog from the comments from social media that link to your blogging articles. This would help you find out what content is more appealing to the target audience and what can be used to increase engagement.

Your blog can improve SEO

This is a huge reason why you need a blog and that is because it will help you to increase the search engine rankings. SEO is a process that consists of many different activities. Having a business blog won’t mean you will end up on the first page of Google straight away but it will enhance your search rankings over time. This is why we call it SEO marketing strategies; it’s not a quick fix. The reason for this is that search engines will reward you for bringing out new content, meeting the needs of those online and using relevant keywords. Blogging will allow you to do all of those things and more.

It isn’t hard to get set up with a business blog as long as you set time out of your business life to maintain it and communicate with those online.